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TV had sound but no pictureShaneon July th,

ShopJimmy LED Strip Rework Station Single LED Replacement Tool.SID GJC LED TV Backlight Tester.Porle Digital HD p .MP Video Scope Magnifier Microscope w/. Screen.Soldering Kit for Suce Mount Devices.ShopJimmy LED Service Equipment Tech Bundle.ShopJimmy Soldering Equipment Tech Bundle.TV Repair Video TutorialsTV Repair Videos

Universal Table Top TV Stand/Base for FlatScreen TVs / Stance.Universal TV Stand/Base Wall Mount for FlatScreen TVs FREE Shipping in US.Universal Wall Mount for FlatScreen TVs FREE Shipping in US.Universal Swivel Wall Mount for FlatScreen TVs FREE Shipping in US.Universal Tilting Wall Mount for FlatScreen TVs FREE Shipping in US.Universal TV Stand/Base Wall Mount for FlatScreen TVs FREE Shipping in US.Replacement LED Strips

No picture but has audioPhilipon July th,

Match your LED panel number and easily replace the LEDs in your TV with our LED light strips. We offer these light strips in complete sets for many popular TV models!

Our Board Repair Kits contain all of the necessary components to successfully repair common TV board ilures. Each kit was created and tested by our TV techs. Soldering skills required!

Vizio EVTLBMPDN LED Backlight Strips DUD.TCL PKB Replacement LED Backlight Strips STFAA.LG/Vizio LCDUESFR / LCDUGJFR LED Backlight Strips Set .Vizio LB LED Replacement Backlight Strips Strips.LG/Toshiba LCDUESFR Replacement LED Backlight Strips .Hitachi LB Replacement LED Backlight Strips Strips LEAR LEARA.TV Tech Tools

From LED testers to ESD tweezers, we have the TV repair tools to help you get the job done right and save time and money!

Main board replacement in Vizio LED TVGaryon July th,

Samsung TCon issues, blank screenCraigon July th,

The best selection of original, ctorydirect DLP lamps and bulbs including Philips, Osram, and Neolux at the lowest prices online. We offer DLP replacement lamps with housing and bare bulbs for every DLP TV make and model!

lightning strike ruined tvGeraldon July th,

Our highquality replacement projector lamps feature new, original/OEM bulbs in a new lamp housing. These lamps are the best combination of quality and value available anywhere online!

Lightning strike took out my tv. Checked out you tube to see about repairing it. The video guy said he got his parts from . I ordered parts and fixed tv for less than .. Very easy to order from for me with little knowledge.

Turned on my TV to find a blank screen with sound, my warranty had expired and Best Buy wanted to fix it. I got a board on here for total, spent about a half hour doing the repair using the video and, voila!, I have a TV that works again! Thanks

Main board came with alternative wire harnesses, front light indicating power status, and everything needed to replace the original. I got some guidance from JUST ASK based on symptoms and am very pleased with the quality of the board. Life is good.

We offer Universal TV Wall Mounts to fit countless TV brands and models and virtually all viewing preferences. Each wall mount is to install and sturdy once in use. They also come with a day warranty and FREE shipping in the US!

Our unique line of Universal TV Stands fit thousands of flatscreen TVs between and look great with LCD, LED, and Plasma TV models in all brands. Each Universal TV Stand also comes with a day warranty and FREE shipping!

I swapped out the old power supply board with the new one that ShopJimmy sent me and it worked like a charm! TV works like new again!!

Our TV Repair Kits are complete sets of TV parts for certain TV models. If youre not confident in your diagnosis but know you dont have a bad panel, these kits ensure a successful repair!

Vizio d series had sound but no picture. After removing back I noticed there were no back lights on. They would light about a second or so and go out. One main board for whole set. Replaced pwr board. Viola! It was fixed. Easy repair.

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