September 29, 2018 Shoping

Fortnite Disables ATKShopping Cart Presenting An Issue For Flaming Hoops Challenge Shoping

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The vehicles have been temporarily removed due to a bug.

You also still have a little more time to take part inFortnites special birthday challenges, which will be available until August . Completing all three of the challenges will net you special birthdaythemed rewards, including a birthday cake back bling. You can also still try the games latest limitedtime mode,Fly Explosives.

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The timing for this issue is especially problematic, as one of the new Week challenges tasks players withjumping through flaming hoopsusing the shopping cart or ATK. Epic hasnt indicated how long the vehicles will be disabled, only noting that theyll be taken out of the game until the issue has been resolved, so you may have to wait a while to complete the flaming hoops challenge if you havent already done so.

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Epic says it will provide an update once the issue with the shopping cart and ATK has been resolved. In the meantime, while you may not be able to tackle the flaming hoops challenge, there are a number of other tasks to do right now in Fortnite Battle Royale, such assearching between a gas station, soccer pitch, and Stunt Mountain. You can see all the challenges available so r in our completeFortnite Season challenges roundup.

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The shopping cartFortnites first vehiclehas been an ongoing source of problems since it was added to the game back in June. Epic has had to pull the vehicle multiple times due to various issues that have arisen with it, and its taken varying degrees of time to return to the game after each removal. However, this marks the first time the ATK, the new golf cartlike vehicle that was added at the start of Season , has had to be removed.

The shopping cart is causing problems once again inFortnite Battle Royale. Developer Epicannouncedit has had to disable the vehiclealong with the new ATK that was introduced in Season in all game modes temporarily due to an unspecified bug.

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Fortnite Disables ATK/Shopping Cart, Presenting An Issue For Flaming Hoops Challenge

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